update from philly # 1

day 2 in philly!
it’s been fun so far.

yesterday gene gave us a little driving tour around the city, went to jason’s to check out the wedding site, ate lunch, went on a walk to a cool coffee shop, had a marvelous home cooked dinner with gene and laura, then “worked” on my project some (i really just fell asleep because i was tired).

today we slept in a bit, ate breakfast, and then gene dropped us off near the liberty bell.  casey and i explored the city for a good 5 hours.  we went to the liberty bell and got a tour of independence hall (where the DOI was drafted/signed…we saw GW’s actual chair).  our tour guide was the loudest person i’ve ever heard in my life…seriously…wow.  after that we walked a lot of blocks to reading market and got some food.  that place was crazy…likes tons of food stands and people all over the place.  it took us about 30 minutes to walk around and pick a place to eat.  we picked the right place though.  our food was yummers.  after that we just explored some more for a few more hours.  then we met up with abby and jon and amanda and went to dinner at this southern comfort food place…(awesome right?  go up north to eat southern food…).  it was actually really good though…at least what i got was.  don’t laugh but i just got a bowl of glazed carrots and a bowl of sweet corn and it was the best carrots/corn i’ve ever had…ever (probably because they were glazed in butter but still it was the healthiest things i had to choose from).  now the girls are just sitting at gene and laura’s house drinking hot tea while the boys are going out to bars drinking who knows what.  good times. 

peace out.


One comment

  1. Rita · September 26, 2009

    Didn’t think we would hear from you so… so glad to hear everybody arrived safe and you are having fun!! Know tomorrow is gonna be lots of good times with the big wedding!! Love to all!

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