new coat!

i’ve always been super picky about coats…which is why i don’t think i’ve ever had a decent one that actually keeps me warm. all the ones designed to keep you really warm are usually ugly and tomboy-ish (in my opinion) and way too expensive (maybe i’m just cheap). so usually i settle on something based on price and style which means it’s usually a light jacket or hoodie of some sort…which also means that i am still cold.

right before last winter i bought a really nice red pea coat that is super cute and warm but that’s more of a “formal” coat…like for going out to dinner or to church or something…i couldn’t wear it camping or hiking. so i still didn’t have just a normal everyday winter coat. blah blah blah i’ll get to the point now… i found my dream coat!

i went into alabama outdoors with a list of criteria for my perfect coat. i told myself that i wouldn’t settle for just any coat so i really didn’t expect to find one…but i did!

my criteria:

  • super warm (wind resistant)
  • thin and fitted (i hate big bulky coats…they feel gross) *this kinda contradict the first point because usually the warmest coats are the big thick ones.
  • good for outdoors without looking outdoorsy…so in other words…a cute/stylish outdoors coat
  • solid color (i’m not a fan of the two toned ones for myself)
  • hooded (because i have little hair and hate wearing hat)
  • relatively cheap AND on sale

much to my surprise i found one that met all of those criteria and here is my new perfect coat:


i wore it to the rec center yesterday. the wind was blowing really cold and hard and i couldn’t even feel it! is it sad that i was amazed that a coat could block the wind?

anyway, i love it and i just wanted to share!


One comment

  1. Rita · October 19, 2009

    Really cute!! Good Shopping!

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