i just wanna dance

the other day i decided i was sick of all the cds in my car so i turned the radio on.  i decided that i would listen to the “rap” station and now i love it.  it’s making me want to dance so bad.  the other night i brought our radio out to the kitchen and danced around while i cooked dinner.  it was awesome (probably only to me). 

anyway, now i want to go dancing…is there a good place to dance in birmingham?  does anyone want to go dancing with me?  maybe for a girls night out?  i would even be down for just having a dance party at my house.  anyone anyone??  if not, i will just continue to have my awesome solo kitchen dance parties.   

ok bye.



  1. thepattons · October 21, 2009

    you won’t let me join your dance party!

  2. Debra · October 21, 2009

    We can have a dance party next visit. 🙂

  3. amymezzell · October 25, 2009

    I have totally thought about having a dance party at my house. It would be like old times in the dorms! I’ll do it with you!

  4. Jeremy Gay · November 5, 2009

    I would love to join your dance party. Can we dress up in funny clothes, maybe even have certain themes? Oh yeah, I won’t do it unless Casey(Hippie) is allowed to come and dance. Name the time and place, and I will be there with my dancing shoes on!!!

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