not so good

i lied…things are not good!

i went to the doctor today because my throat hurt and i wasn’t feeling well.  i have mycoplasma!  no good.  it’s type of bacteria that causes sore throat, bronchitis, and pneumonia.  it’s contagious so you better watch out!  the doctor said this illness could last from a few days to a month or more.  i got some medicine so hopefully my mycoplasma will get lost quickly. 

i’ve also been kinda depressed lately because i’ve gained 10 pounds.  i have lots of cellulite now and i hate it.  i don’t want to hear any comments about how im being ridiculous.  i know what the scale says and i know what see.  i don’t like it.  i’ve kicked my exercising into high gear to try and lose some of this fat.  i don’t necessarily mind the weight gain…just that it’s fat.  i want to change it to muscle weight gain…so that’s what i’m on a mission to do.  wish me luck.

bella is not good either.  i took her to the vet today because she’s having another skin allergy outbreak.  so annoying.  ugh. 

work is ok.

school is actually good.  i’m doing really well on everything so far.  plus i’m almost done!!

me and casey are good too.  we still like each other. 



One comment

  1. Debra · November 6, 2009

    I’m glad you went to the doctor right away and I hope you feel better fast! Good luck with your exercising. Did the vet give Bella any kind of allergy prevention medicine? So glad you’re work and school are going good. We’re looking forward to coming for graduation!!!!! Can’t wait to see you and Casey!!!

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