other than having pneumonia this weekend was a good one. 

 friday i was supposed to work from 6 – 12 but since i was (and still am) contagious i didn’t go.  i slept in and then met amy up at the church to begin our date.  here’s what we did:

  • went to CVS so that i could get some cough drops. 
  • went to amy head so that i could get some makeup.  lynn (my old boss) was there and it was good to catch up with her. 
  • then amy wanted to check out the fair trade shop downtown (sojourns) so we did that.  we didn’t get anything but it’s always fun to look at all the neat stuff they have. 
  • went to eat lunch at ocarrs.  i love that place.  i love when restaurants offer healthy options.  i wish all restaurants did that.  i got some sliced turkey and fruit and amy got chicken salad and fruit.  yummers! 
  • next we went to the vestavia movie theater to see paranormal activity…BUT i didn’t know that the movie times change on the weekends so we got there about an hour late.  super lame! 
  • so we just went to the salvation army so amy could scope out the furniture. 
  • then we went to big lots.
  • then we went home. 

it was a good day of hanging out other than the movie not working out…and other than me not feeling that great. 

yesterday was boring for the most part.  i felt like crap all day.  i woke up for a few hours then went back to sleep from about 12 to 4.  then i woke again and sat around.  the only non-boring part of the day was going out to dinner with friends.  i wasnt feeling good but i wanted to get out of the house for a while and do something to take my mind off feeling bad.  me, casey, amy, brian, carrie, dan, lauren, and andy all ate a delicious dinner at surin.  then we all went and had a delicious dessert at edgewood creamery. 

i’m a little bummed because i have to work today from 3-9.  i skipped church so that i could rest and lay around until then.  i really should not be working while i have pneumonia but i couldn’t get my shift covered.  oh well…i’ll just do what i can.  i mostly just don’t want to get people sick.  i feel like i’m doing something wrong by working…i just shouldn’t be around food and drinks that other people are going to eat and drink.  i’ll just try to avoid customers and coworkers the best i can…and wash my hands lots and lots. 

anyway…i want to give a shout out to my awesome husband casey.  he spent all day doing yard work and both yards look so pretty now.  thanks casey!  i appreciate it!

ok it’s breakfast time.

peace out.



  1. thepattons · November 8, 2009

    aw… you’re welcome!

  2. amymezzell · November 9, 2009

    if you feel like it, maybe we can see each other again this Friday and maybe catch the movie…? haha

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