this week is going by fast! 

also, i am excited (just like everyone else im sure) about thanksgiving!  this year we are going to athens, ga.  that’s where casey’s aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandma’s live.  his aunt and uncle just built a fancy new house with enough room for everyone to come and stay for the weekend.  so it’s going to be me and casey, abby and jon, bill and rita, and ellen and john (casey’s other aunt and uncle).  it should be lots of fun.  im excited to see casey’s cousins…the last time i saw the kids was like 2 or 3 years ago.  crazy.  i am sad that my family isn’t coming this year…but that’s cause they are coming for my graduation!

speaking of graduation…i bought my cap and gown today and it made the fact that im about to be done with college forever even more real and i love it!  i need to start working on my project…my last project ever!  woohoo! 

im excited about my graduation party…everyone has to come because a bunch of my family is coming all the way from texas and i want them to see that i have lots of awesome friends!  the party is dec. 12 at ROJO at 7ish.  mark your calendars.  i’ll remind you lots more times too…don’t worry. 

tonight we are going to see/hear donald miller speak at our church.  i like donald miller a lot.  he’s smart and funny…and he writes good books.

that’s all.


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