great weekend!

this weekend was wonderful!
my family came up for my graduation.  here’s what we did!

  • wednesday: picked my parents up from the airport, got some subway, and just hung out.
  • thursday: went to lunch at v. richards, went to some art galleries, checked out the party room at rojo, went to publix to order a cake, ate dinner, and watched the thursday night shows.
  • friday: went to starbucks, went back to the grocery store to get things for brunch, then me and my mom went to the jcc to get massages and it was awesome!  it felt so so good and was very much-needed.  friday night all my family got into town: brenda and don (aunt/uncle), linda and chelsea (aunt/cousin),  tom and sharon (grandad and sharon).  we all met at moe’s bbq and had some delicious food and then we all came back to our house and played catch phrase…it was really fun and hilarious. 
  • saturday: we had a brunch with all the family: hashbrown/ham/cheese/egg casserole, bacon/broccoli/egg casserole, bagels and cream cheese, muffins, fruit, cottage cheese, coffee, and mimosas.  YUM!  after that i left to go line up for graduation.  the ceremony was very nice and short!  it was like 1.5 hours…2 hours tops.  then we had the party at ROJO!! it was a lot of fun.  lots of people showed up and i think everyone had a good time. 
  • sunday: went to church, girls ate at zoes and went around town, boys ate at home and went to the motorcycle museum, went to night at bethlehem at our church then ate at davenports. 
  • monday: parents left early in the morning.

it was a wonderful wonderful time and i cant thank my parents enough for everything they’ve done and did for me to get through college for the awesome graduation weekend!!!  and i’m also so thankful and appreciative that my family came up to support me and celebrate with me too! 

thanks everyone!  it feels so good to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



  1. thepattons · December 15, 2009

    it WAS a fun weekend! so glad you’re done, and proud of you for sticking it out and doing such a great job! i love you!

  2. Debra · December 16, 2009

    We had a wonderful weekend celebrating your graduation!!! We are so proud of you. Love you!

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