merry belated christmas!

this might be a long blog so i’ll try to keep it as to the point as possible.

Christmas vacay so far:

  • thursday (Christmas eve): we drove to rogersville to stay with casey’s parents.  it was a full house (6 adults and 5 dogs) but it was a good time.  we ate lots of delicious food, went to a silent lords supper service, opened presents, and ate lots of delicious food.
  • friday (Christmas): we opened our stockings, ate delicious food, hung around the house, ate delicious food, then drove home.
  • saturday: we woke up and left for austin at 4am, drove for 13 hours, got to austin at 5pm, opened presents, ate dinner, went to bed.
  • sunday: we took the dogs for a nice walk, i ran a mile, then we had the whole family over for some bqq (ribs, sausage, brisket, pinto beans, potato salad, rolls, and pecan pie).  yummers! 
  • monday: i went to the gym to work out with my mom and linda, we went shopping with my mom, then we went to see avatar 3D with linda, gary, chelsea, and casey’s friend tim.  

that’s all so far and so far it’s been fun and relaxing.  the only thing that’s stressing me is the dogs.  bella and suki (my parents dog) have been in 3 fights so far.  suki wont leave bella alone (she keeps humping her) and bella gets annoyed (rightfully so) and growls and snaps at suki.  then a fight starts.  what sucks is that when bella “fights” it’s more of a show.  when suki fights she’s out to do some damage.  bella has a cut over her eye and two holes in her lip.  poor little francel beans.  my dad said bella did start the 3rd fight because suki was messing with ellie.  i’ve learned this week that ellie and bella are officially bffs because they are very protective of each other.  sweet little ellie even bullied suki around when she thought suki was trying to get bella (this time suki and bella were just playing though).  anyways…there were no fights at all yesterday so maybe it was just that first day and the two of them trying to figure each other out.  still, i cried like a baby after the bad fight when bella got hurt. i got bit on the hand (by suki)  and was bleeding from trying to break up the fight.  i had to pry suki’s mouth off of bella’s face…but i’ll do anything to protect my beans.

anyway, here’s a list of the presents i got because i know you are all dying to know:

  • donation to rescue a child from abuse/bondage in our name
  • a “rogersville box” with soap, lotion, bath salt, and a fancy robe from a spa type place in rogersville
  • a pretty little bible (which i needed because my other one is huge)
  • a book by beth moore that casey’s mom loves and wanted me and abby to have
  • a cookbook
  • knitting needles, a knitting magazine, and a gift card to a shop where i can take a knitting lesson and buy my first yarn!
  • an awesome tea-pot/kettle set and some chocolate truffle loose-leaf tea.  i can’t wait to use it.
  • a picture frame with the word “love” in different languages
  • a jar of wasabi paste powder
  • a charley harper calendar   
  • restaurant gift cards
  • movie tickets
  • wash clothes
  • $$
  • aquolina pink sugar perfume!
  • subway gift cad
  • itunes gift card
  • the brightest little flashlight ever
  • a scarf
  • a cute little ceramic container
  • a hand-made neck cowl
  • an academy gift card
  • some lotion

i think that’s just about it.  i love everything!

ok that’s all for now!  if you read it all, thanks!

love for all my lovelies!


One comment

  1. thepattons · December 29, 2009

    oh man, you hit the jackpot!

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