sweet home alabama

it’s good to be home!
i know bella and ellie are really glad to be home.  they love it.

i had a fantastic time in texas!  here’s a wrap up of the rest of the week:

  • tuesday: me and casey went shopping.  then we all got ready to go to this fancy italian restaurant in driftwood, tx.  it’s called Trattoria Lisina and it’s on a vineyard so you can drink wine that was made right there on site.  every wine i’ve had there as been the best wine i’ve ever tasted…i guess because it’s super fresh.  we’ve gone there during christmas time for 3 years in a row now so i guess it’s a tradition now.
  • wednesday: me, casey, linda, and my mom went to get some lunch and frozen yogurt.  wednesday was my dad’s birthday so we went to catfish parlor for dinner.  they have hushpuppy sticks that you dip in tartar sauce that are so so good.  i got blackened catfish on a bed of rice.  yummmmmers. 
  • thursday: casey and i went and did some more shopping and ate lunch and got more frozen yogurt :).  we had a laid back new year’s eve because we had to get up super early and drive back to birmingham the next morning.  we go invited to hang out with some of my friends and i really wanted to but i also wanted to be able to wake up in the morning.  so me, casey, mom, and dad stood around the fire pit in the back yard and drank beer (mom drank wine because she’s a lady).  then we came in because we were freezing and made hot chocolate.  then we watched a move: the invention of lying…it sucked.  oh well.  then we went to bed at like 10:30.  it was a good night. 
  • friday:  drove 13 hours…ugh.

here’s what else i can add to my christmas loot:

  • two pairs of jeans
  • two camisoles
  • two pairs of flats
  • a sweater
  • a blouse
  • new running shoes!

this christmas break vacation was wonderful.  i love seeing my family.



  1. thepattons · January 2, 2010

    aside from all that driving, it was awesome!

  2. Ashley · January 2, 2010

    i got new running shoes lately, too! they’re pink. and pretty.

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