nothing new

just the usual…working and hanging out.

here’s a story:
while we were in texas i noticed a blue string hanging out of bella’s butt (this is the second time this has happened. the first was with dental floss though. i had to pull it out of her butt).  anyway…then i tried to pull the string out she yelped really loud so i just left it for a few hours hoping she’d be able to get it out herself.  she couldn’t do it so i pulled again and she yelped.  so we decided to take her for a walk to see if she’d try going to the bathroom.  well she did and when she was pooping i strategically grabbed the string and pulled and it came out.  and guess what was on the end of the string?  A NEEDLE.  she swallowed and passed a needle.  what a crazy dog.  im just so glad it went through and came out without doing any damage.  she got lucky. 

sometimes i think dogs over prepare you for children.  hopefully i’ll never have to pull anything out of my kids butt…but if i do, then im ready.  thanks bella!



  1. thepattons · January 9, 2010

    blogs about dogs pooping are the best!

  2. amymezzell · January 10, 2010

    Holy crap. That could’ve really hurt her! I know a woman who babysits a dog, and one day, it ate a WHOLE pincushion full of pins & needles. Thank goodness it was okay, too!

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