what a week

my first week at my new job was wonderful!
here are the highlights:

  • i’m going to be included in the monday morning meetings.  at my last office job i was the only person not included and it made me feel like i wasn’t important.  i love that i will be included even if i don’t know about half the things they are talking about.  it’s just nice to feel like a part of the team.
  • in this meeting, i learn that most likely we’ll be hiring a massage therapist to come give us massages every once in a while.  AWESOME.
  • tuesday my boss (his name is brooks) took me and the other two girls (jennifer and beth) to get coffee at primavera.  he bought all our drinks and we just sat around for about an hour and talked about random stuff.
  • i got free company shirts for me and casey…i’ve already worn them a lot.  i love long sleeve t’s.
  • thursday jennifer took me and beth (separately) to pick out plants for our desk at this cute shop called leaf & petal.  we had a $25 dollar limit to pick out a plant and a cute pot.  i love mine!  i’ll post a picture soon.
  • friday brooks took me and beth (jennifer was off visiting her husband) to lunch at california pizza kitchen…it was snowing and cold so i got soup.  it was good.
  • 3 day weekend!  we weren’t open today due to president’s day.  woot!

what a great and perfect first week!  i loved it!



  1. thepattons · February 15, 2010

    best job ever!?

  2. Rita · February 15, 2010

    Sounds mighty good!! Congrats!!

  3. Debra · February 16, 2010

    i’m so happy you’re liking your new job.

  4. jt · February 16, 2010

    dear sheena,

    ☛ i like your blog.
    ☛ it is itemized.
    ☛ which makes for an easy read.
    ☛ i couldn’t find a tilted star so i used a pointy finger.

    your friend,

  5. Ashley · February 16, 2010

    i agree with jt, i love lists/itemization

    and this job makes me jealous i don’t have a job, yo.

  6. sarah · February 21, 2010

    fun! a job you like makes all the difference. and there are some bad temp jobs out there, i think i’ve had them all…

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