man oh mah

sorry it’s been so long!

i’ve been busy i guess.
last week was a good one.  on sunday we went over to the davis’s to eat dinner and watch the oscars.  deena was there too.  we got to watch jack ride and dance on his “gay lion.”  the oscars were long but mostly entertaining.

wednesday was casey’s birthday.  he turned 30!  i cooked him is mom’s chicken casserole and gave him a pressure washer (he wanted it).  then we had his favorite ice cream flavor for dessert:  birthday cake!

thursday was tv night at the mezzells.  we had pizza, coffee, and ice cream as usual and as usual we had a good time.  and as usual i fell asleep around 9:30. 

friday night was casey and david’s joint birthday party.  it was at moe’s bbq.  we had good food, drinks, cake, and fun.  at least i think so.  after the party the mezzells came over for the after party.  that was fun too.  i think we just ate more food.  haha.

saturday me, casey, and bobby lounged around the house until around 12:30.  then we went to bottle tree for lunch.  then we went to urban standard for cupcake and drinks (bobby had a cupcake, i had a chai, casey had nothing).  then we drove down a cobblestone street that lasted forever and all our food got jostled around in our bellies.  then we went to the dollar store before going to see youth and revolt at the dollar theater.  only we didn’t see the movie because the light bulb in the projector was broken.  so instead we went to get frozen yogurt.  then we watched lots of it’s always sunny, ate dinner, and went to sleep.

sunday we drove around forever trying to find me a new space heater since my old one finally bit the dust.  kmart was sold out, target was sold out, home depot was sold out, staples didn’t have any…we had to get the only one we could find at wal-mart.  it was the LAST one they had.  sheesh.  we also got some new plates, a new set of rubbermaid containers, and a big green rubbermaid tub for recycling. 

well that’s all!
here’s to another good week!



  1. thepattons · March 15, 2010

    what about our new trash can!? and your dry-erase post-its!?

  2. sheena · March 16, 2010

    oh yeah…and we got a new black trash can. and i got some dry erase post it note type things for work. yay!

  3. Rita · March 16, 2010

    Last week was definitely PARTY week!!!

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