a cat saved our lives!

let me explain.

lately we’ve been having problems with our heater.  yesterday when we turned it on we smelled gas.  usually we smell faint gas right when we turn it on but then it goes right away.  this time it was stronger…but we still weren’t too worried about it. 

last night some neighbors down the street (that we’ve never met) came by because their cat was stuck in our next door neighbor’s (mason and ashley) crawl space.  they came to us because mason and ashley weren’t home.  while casey and them were waiting for mason and ashley, they got to talking about things and our heater came up.  they offered to let us borrow their carbon monoxide detector so we did and we had carbon monoxide in our house!  we had to call the fire department and the gas company came to look at our heater.  turns out the heat exchanger was cracked and if we had left it running we would have been in big trouble! 

so if that cat hadn’t got stuck in the crawl space we could have gone to sleep last night and never woken up! 

thanks a million cat!  we owe you!

One comment

  1. Debra · March 24, 2010

    Thank God!

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