friends, food, and a new bike

friday night we hung out with ashley, reid, and jack.
we ate chinese food and hung out.  jack was cute.
he thought bella and ellie were really funny.
ellie kept her distance but jack would stretch his neck to see her.
bella kept licking jack in the face.  he wasn’t sure if he liked it.
but when she went away he’d laugh and reach for her.
i’m glad to know our dogs are sweet with kids.

on saturday i bought a new bike!  it’s a trek 7,1 fx:

i also bought a water bottle holder, water bottle, and odometer.
i love it!
when we got home we rode to mountain brook village.
i ate some frozen yogurt and casey ate some ice cream.
it was especially good because it was so hot yesterday.
on the way back we had to go up some big (for me at least) hills.
they were hard and im sure people could hear me gasping for breath from inside their houses…but i made it up them all.  we ended up riding 11 miles.  that’s not too bad for my first bike ride in 5 years!


One comment

  1. thepattons · March 23, 2010

    if this weather would clear up, we might could ride again…

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