what a great weekend


  • dinner at surin with jon, abby, lee, crystal, alisa, and jeff
  • tried sake for the first time…it was interesting
  • after dinner party at above (the bar on the roof of the redmont hotel) to see my friend jon vogel play some music.


  • jack’s 1st birthday party
  • WAY too much sugar: red velvet cake, twizzlers, fruit and yogurt dip, way too many peanut m&m’s
  • cute kids
  • dinner at a japanese steak house with in-laws
  • more sugar: ice cream cake and jelly beans
  • casey got a wii!


  • great church service
  • awesome cheese burgers for lunch
  • 3 hour nap
  • beat casey in 7 out of 10 wii games
  • more ice cream, jelly beans, and m&m’s (yikes!)

super fun weekend full of food, family, and friends.


  1. thepattons · March 28, 2010

    for real fun weekend!

  2. Debra · March 30, 2010

    yeah for fun weekends!!!

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