dogs…gotta love 'em.

i think ellie may have been tortured with highly pressurized water at some time in her life.  last week we discovered that she is absolutely terrified of pressure washers.  when casey fired his up she freaked out and tried to get out of the yard.  she knocked over this huge board and squeezed herself into the tiniest gap in our fence and got stuck.  casey had to lift her up and over the fence because she was squirming so much that he couldn’t just pull her out.  after that she went in hid in corners in the back rooms of our house.  so then a couple of days later the neighbors behind us decide to pressure wash their back deck.  ellie freaked out again.  at first she would not go out the back door.  she’s wait until she was about to burst, run outside, do her business, and then run straight back into the house.  she was slobbering and breathing hard and pacing the house like a mad dog.  now she’s at the point where she will go outside and stay outside as long as we are out there with her.  yesterday i stuck her outside and left her while i was bringing in groceries and she freaked out again and did the whole knock the board down and squeeze through the fence routine.  last night i went out with her and stayed on the top of the stairs instead of going into the yard and she seemed fine…so maybe she’s finally getting her courage back.  i hope she gets completely over this soon…it’s sad to see her this scared.

bella is already having major allergy issues because of the pollen bomb that went off this week. i read that this year’s pollen count is the highest it’s been since 1997 when it started being recorded.  awesome.  bella is in for a rough spring.

having one dog that is allergic to meat and one dog that is allergic to outside allergens is kinda annoying and  kinda expensive. 

oh well, the joy they bring to my life far exceeds the annoyances of their issues.  i would do anything for them.  they are my beanie babies.

one more thing:  bella barks whenever she hears a doorbell on the TV.  yes, i know this is typical dog behavior.  the thing is we have NEVER had a working doorbell so how in the world does she know to bark?  maybe barking at doorbells has been passed down genetically through her bloodline.   

that’s all.

p.s. bella and ellie say hello.



  1. amymezzell · April 8, 2010

    I laughed out loud at you calling them your beanie babies. Cute!

    I think the doorbell thing is really interesting since you’ve never had a doorbell.

  2. thepattons · April 8, 2010

    technically we’ve had doorbells…but not the kind that make her bark. at the town house or doorbell was a buzz and now we have a doorbell that just “dings.” the “dong” is broken. even the “ding” though is a weird tone. she barks then the TV makes that sterotypical “diiing dooong” doorbell sound. i don’t get it.

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