easter weekend recap

we went up to rogersville with the dogs for easter to visit casey’s parents.  it was fun!  here are the highlights:

  • bill built a nice little corral for our dogs to play outside.  everyone loved it!
  • ellie and bella enjoyed barking at the big dogs in the distance aka horses.
  • rita cooked a delicious easter dinner.  i ate lots of it.  and also lots of candy.  and blue bell ice cream.
  • we all took a walk to river and hung out on a dock for a while.  ellie got in the water but she wasn’t interested in going in too deep.  at least she got in and enjoyed it though!
  • we went to see a house designed by frank lloyd wright.  i’ve loved wright for a long time so this was super awesome for me.  i think everyone else enjoyed it too.  here’s a link to look at the pictures: look at me!

it was a good weekend.


  1. thepattons · April 9, 2010


  2. Rita · April 9, 2010

    FUN TIMES!!! Hey, you forgot Leo the Lion!!!

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