yet another good week/weekend

on tuesday ellie louise got her teeth cleaned at the vet.  since she was going to be there already we decided to get her groomed too.  we told them to just cut her hair short since it’s getting hot outside.  this is what ellie looked like tuesday morning – a hairy golden retriever:

and this is what she looked like tuesday afternoon – a short-haired yellow lab:

she looks totally different but i think i like her better with short hair.

thursday night we went to dinner with the thompson family.  we ate mexican, got some frozen yogurt, then went to their house to play games.  it was fun.

friday night the mezzells came over catch up on flash forward.  after the first episode we went on a DQ run.  there are so many flavors of blizzards now!  when i was a kid there was like 6 flavors.  now there are at least 20.  crazy!

saturday casey had to work so i hung around the house then met ashley and deena at barnes and noble to look at magazines.  then we went to walk around charming charlie.  it was a good time.  after that casey and i ate at subway then met abby and jon at the dollar theater.  we saw green zone.  it was on the verge of being a good movie…but it wasnt.  after the movie we went to bar to hang out and listen to some live music.  i saw a couple of people i knew including deena.  two deena hang outs in one day!  it’s a new record.  the place was super cool.  i will be going back…lots.  and the music was really nice and relaxing.  saturday was a great day.

today i went to church and thats about it so far.  i still plan on cleaning up the house, doing my laundry, and working out.  i also plan on going to urban standard to get some coffee and read.



  1. thepattons · April 19, 2010


  2. deena emaish · April 19, 2010

    Saturday WAS a great day…mostly because of our record setting get-togethers! 🙂

  3. sarah · April 19, 2010

    i got my teeth cleaned today, i wish they would have cut my hair too. instead they told me i have a cracked tooth from grinding them in my sleep. fun.

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