i'm a triathlete…sort of.

well…i did it…my first official triathlon…and it kinda sucked.

first of all, i signed up about a month before the event.  i was well aware that i was not prepared for a triathlon.  i signed up because i’ve been in a workout/eating healthy slump.  i needed to make myself do something challenging.  i guess i needed something to show me the extent of the damage i caused with my health hiatus…or something like that.

BTW we had to enter our estimated finish time when we registered.  i had no idea what to put so i put this: 1:15:00.

so, monday morning i wake up and eat my homemade breakfast cookie (thanks for sharing the recipe ashley!), got my stuff together, and headed to the LJCC.  me and casey stood around for a while waiting for something to happen.  i got my body marked with my number (33) and set up my transition area.  once the race was about to start i sent casey home…i wasn’t going to make him stand around and wait.


  1. Swim:
  • swam as fast as i could
  • passed a couple of 8-year-old kids that thought they could beat me (as well as several adults)
  • finished and get out
  • “crap…i’m already tired”
  • run to the transition area
  • put my helmet on
  • take my helmet off because i can’t get my shirt on over it
  • put my helmet back on
  • put my shorts on
  • “this is taking way too long…i finished swimming way before these people who are already leaving”
  • put my socks and shoes on, get my bike down, and wheel it to the exit
  • “here i go…im scared”
  1. Bike:
  • get on my bike and take off
  • “sweet there’s not that many people in front of me”
  • mile one completed
  • “im tired”
  • mile 4 completed
  • “oh my gosh…i think like 50 people have passed me…why does it look so easy for them?”
  • mile 6 completed – 70-year-old man passes and says “keep it up! 2 miles left”
  • “shut up old man”
  • “my butt hurts so bad”
  • “50 more people just passed me”
  • mile 8 completed
  • run my bike back to its spot
  • 3 tries to hang my bike back up because im so tired
  • change shorts
  • “oh crap…i’m done for”
  1. Run:
  • start running
  • my legs feel like jello
  • “there’s no way i can run the whole way”
  • start to alternate between walking and running
  • “there goes another 50 people passing me”
  • see the 1 mile marker
  • “yeah right…that felt like 3 miles”
  • casey drives passed me on the road
  • casey is standing near the finish line
  • despite being out of breath: “DO NOT take a picture of me!”
  • the finish line is in sight
  • “why is it on top of a mountain?!”
  • with my body practically folded in half i make it up the hill and cross the finish line
  • “why did i want to do this again?  at least it’s over”

the after party was lame.  it was like 10am and they had pizza, pasta, cookies, and beer.  i had half a banana and some sobe life water.  i stayed to see the preliminary results and to watch the awards ceremony.

i finished with a time of 1:08:22, which was faster than my estimated time.  in comparison to everyone else time though…not so good.  i placed 136th out of 168.  80% of the participants finished before me.  here’s the break down of my time:

  • 200 yard swim: 2:59
  • transition 1: 2:41
  • 8 mile bike: 38:07
  • transition 2: 0:54
  • 2 mile run/walk: 23:44

so there you have it.

for someone who has become quite out of shape, did not train, is an extremely novice biker, and forgot to drink water before and during the race…i think i did pretty good.  i’m just glad i could finish.

OH i do have one bragging right though.  out of 168 people i had the 5th fastest swim time.  so at least i have that!


  1. thepattons · June 2, 2010

    i’m proud of you!!!! i would probably just drown during the swimming.

  2. amymezzell · June 2, 2010

    I agree with Casey. Your detailed version makes it sound horrible. You beat over 30 of the other suckers, though!

    And, I like that your bullets are starts. It’s super cute.

  3. Ashley · June 2, 2010

    What a great reminder to never do a triathlon! haha!!

    Congratulations though! Your swim time was FAST!

    And how did you not drink water during this?? I would have passed out!

  4. Rita · June 3, 2010

    Congrats again!! I think it is awesome that you even did it!! And to finish when you had not even trained for it is ridiculous!!! We think you’re terrific!

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