weekend wrap up

friday night:

  • bought a new lamp at target
  • ate chick-fil-a for dinner (we had a coupon: casey bought a #1 and i get a free kids meal)!
  • caught up on some shows that we missed


  • we slept in (til 9…that’s as good as i can do)
  • we drank coffee, ate cereal, and watched date night…what a good morning
  • went to the JCC
  • cleaned up the house
  • hung out with nick and leslie: ate pizza at the house, went to the dollar store to get candy for the dollar movie.  we saw get him to the greek.  it was so hilarious.  i don’t think i’ve laughed out loud that much in a movie in quite some time.
  • went to yogurt lab.  casey ate too much candy in the movie so he watched me eat strawberry/cheesecake swirled yogurt with crumbled up strawberry cake and crumbled up brownies.  it was delicious.


  • went to the JCC
  • went to church
  • ate sushi and an arugula salad for lunch.  casey ate left over pizza.
  • watched best in show
  • took a nap
  • walked the dogs
  • ate hamburger helper (made with turkey breast of course) for dinner.




  1. thepattons · July 11, 2010

    good indeed!

  2. kelley · July 26, 2010

    i love best in show……..chris and i quote it all the time

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