fun shows!

last night casey and i and lots of our friends went to a free show at bottletree.  it was real fun.  i enjoyed mingling the most.  at one point our friend nick said something about feeling weird or young or something when he goes to shows now (i can’t really remember…sorry nick).  then it made me remember that when i was in highschool i went to so many shows.  it seems like i went to one every weekend…at least every other weekend.  usually they were at a venue in austin called emo’s.

not all the shows were awesome.  there were only a handful that i can remember today.

probably my most memorable show was a taking back sunday show.  i remember it was a good show BUT i’ll never forget it because i got trapped in a mosh pit (lame) and some guy tackled me to the ground and ripped the right side of my shirt off.  i had to buy a new shirt.  it was quite terrifying.  people had to keep kicking him to get him up off me.  im pretty sure he was high on something.

the other show i’ll never forget, which is the point of this post, was a junior senior show.  junior senior is a pop duo from denmark.  to this date, it is still the funnest show i’ve ever been to.  it was like one huge dance party.  i danced and danced and danced some more.  i was so sweaty.  it was just so much fun…i can’t even really describe it.  i just remember dancing like crazy to the songs “move your feet” and “shake your coconuts” and it was awesome.

so i want to know: what is the funnest show you’ve ever been to?



  1. thepattons · July 22, 2010

    i have way too many to list…
    but i’ll always remember my first dave matthews show at 15.
    and seeing page and plant because it felt like i was actually seeing led zeppelin.
    front row at violent femmes was awesome, too.
    etc, etc, etc.

  2. sheena · July 22, 2010

    oh brother.
    answer fail.

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