on tuesday i was diagnosed with pleurisy.

pleurisy is when the lining that covers the lungs and chest wall becomes inflamed.  normally there is a thin layer of fluid that separates these two layers of lining, but when they become inflamed the layers of lining rub together.  the cause of inflammation varies.  my doctor said mine was most likely due to a viral infection in my lower lungs.

this might not sound so bad, but if a part of your body is not meant to touch another part of your body, you better pray it stays that way. 

i have never in my life (that i can remember) felt such excruciating pain.  i felt it in my lower left lung and right above my left collar-bone…kinda in my neck area.  i woke up tuesday morning around 3am.  i was certain that if i looked down i’d see two huge butcher knives sticking out of the areas that hurt.  if i had not had a doctor’s appointment that morning i would have had casey drive me to the emergency room. 

i’ve heard several people say that the pain caused by pleurisy can be likened to the pain caused by a heart attack.  i had to call my doctor and request that i be given something for pain.  he prescribed me lortab, which helped SO much.  i could still feel pain but it was so minimal compared to what i was feeling. 

today i feel pretty good.  my collar-bone/neck area still kinda hurts though.  i went to work this morning but they sent me home and told me to come back on monday, which is fine with me…i suppose it’s better to be extra safe and rest all i can before getting back to my daily routine.  i would HATE to relapse because i didn’t allow my body enough time to get rid of the infection.  

the end.



  1. thepattons · July 29, 2010

    i’m so glad you’re feeling better. i love you!

  2. Rita · July 29, 2010

    I am really happy to hear you are feeling better. How kind of your co-workers to let you be off a few more days to heal. Take care of yourself. Love you

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