what a week

so turns out i don’t have pleurisy.

it was/is something much worse.

friday started out nice.  i was off from work so went to the dollar store to get some treats and toys for the dogs, returned some books to the library, and went grocery shopping at publix.  i took my time and it was an enjoyable errand trip. 

i got home and put up the groceries and sat down to eat lunch.  then out of nowhere the pain started.  i thought the pain i felt on tuesday was horrible.  i was wrong though because the pain i felt on friday was truly horrible.  it was so intense that i KNEW something wasn’t right and that i had to get to the ER asap.

i could barely walk or breath.  i called casey but he wasn’t answering.  i didn’t know what to do.  i didn’t want to call 911 because ambulances are expensive.  i couldn’t just wait for casey to see my missed calls and call me back because i was in so much pain.  so i decided to drive to casey’s work since it is literally right next to the hospital.  it might not have been the smartest option but it was the fastest option, which made it the best option in my mind.  if i had someone come and get me, whether it was an ambulance or casey, i would have had to wait for them drive from the hospital to get me and then back to the hospital.  i knew if i could just get to casey then i’d pretty much be at the hospital. 

it was the longest drive ever.  the 15 mintues it took me to get there seemed like hours.  i had 911 dialed in my phone just in case i couldn’t take it anymore.  i made it to casey’s work and parked.  thank god there was a man in the parking lot that went and got casey for me.  casey ran out and drove me straight to the ER.

i waited in the waiting room for about 30 minute.  once i got back to a room a nurse came in and took some blood.  the doctor came in and i filled him in.  he said it was probably just a bad case of pleurisy but just to be safe he wanted to do a cat scan just to rule out the possibility of a blood clot in my lung.  he didn’t think it was very likely but he wanted to be sure.

he also gave me some morphine through my IV because he could see i was in excruciating pain…especially after he poked me in the rib and i almost hit the ceiling. 

the nurse wheeled me to the cat scan room and the cat scan girl got me all set up.  she also put the vein dye in my IV.  the dye makes you really hot on the inside and it also makes you feel like you are peeing in your pants (i really thought i did but the girl said that’s normal…i had to feel my pants just to be sure…they were dry).

after lots of waiting the doctor came back and said that i DID have a blood clot in my lung.  a pulmonary embolism.  i held it together pretty well until he said i’d have to stay at the hospital for a few days…i don’t know why that’s what made me start crying, but it did. 

so after a total of 6 hours in the ER i was wheeled to room number 367 where i spent a total of 5 days. 

every morning at 4:30 someone would come to take my blood.  breakfast came at 8, shot in my stomach at 9, blood thinner pill at 4, shot in my belly at 9.  i had to get pain medicine as often as i could for the first few days.

i had my blood drawn 6 times, an IV in 3 different locations (6 locations were attempted), and a total of 10 shots in my belly.  that’s 22 needles in 5 days.  good thing needles don’t bother me at all.  casey, however, was freaking out.  poor casey.

i had a lot of sweet family and friends come visit me, which made time go by fast.  i got lots of goodies: candy, food, flowers, balloons, magazines, toys, etc.  i also got lots of emails and facebook messages.  thank you to everyone!!  you all made me feel so loved.  it really meant a lot.

from what i learned during my stay at the hospital, the most likely cause of the pulmonary embolism is my birth control since blood clotting disorders don’t run in my family.  for the next 6 months i have to take blood thinners as a precautionary measure.  i’ll have to go get blood work several times during the 6 months to make sure the medicine is working properly.  after that they’ll be able to run to lots of tests to determine what actually caused my PE. 

while on blood thinners there are lots of foods that i will have to limit.  i was devastated when i saw some of the foods on the list: spinach, lettuce, BROCCOLI, brussels sprouts, HUMMUS, soybeans, and GREEN TEA.  i can still eat these foods i just have to eat the same amount with the same frequency.  i eat SO much broccoli and drink SO much green tea.  it will be hard to cut back!

when i went to get prescription at publix the lady at the pharmacy remembered me and asked me how i was.  i told her what had happened and she literally grabbed my hand with both of her hands and said, “girl, you are lucky to be alive!!” 

PE’s are no joke and i’m so glad to have survived mine.  many people don’t.

i don’t want to get too emotional on here but this really scared me and frankly, i am terrified that it’s not over…that something could still happen.  i’ve been told be doctors that i shouldn’t have anything to worry about since it was caught early and now it’s being treated.

however, i’m still pretty shaken so prayers are still welcomed that i will be just fine.


p.s.  a special shout out to my unbelievably wonderful husband who loves me and took such good care of me.  I LOVE YOU CASEY!

p.p.s  another special shout out to GOD, who loves me and is always with me and decided to let me live on this earth a little longer!  THANK YOU!!


  1. thepattons · August 5, 2010

    i’m soooo glad you’re better! i love YOU!!!!

  2. Rita · August 6, 2010

    We are thanking our Lord too that you are getting well!!!! We love you and want you to be around for a L-O-N-G, L-O-N-G time!!!!!!!

  3. Debra · August 6, 2010

    You are one tough woman!!!! I’m so glad you are feeling better. Love you!!!

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