hi there

i’ve had a super fun last two weeks, which is especially good considering the two weeks i had before the last two weeks.

two fridays ago we had people over for my birthday.  it was fun and i got to eat strawberry cake just like i wanted.  i got some nice gift cards from nice people.

i used them all already.  i got 3 tank tops, a cardigan, and a jacket at target.

i also got this bad boy:

i haven’t used it yet but i have high hopes for it.  practically all the reviews i read said it was awesome.

two saturdays ago we loaded the dogs up in the back of the new ride.  we went to a trail by the river near our house.  it was nice and the dogs loved it.

last week at work was good.  i was glad to get a pay check even if it was only for two days.  better than nothing!  i also got free lunch three out of the four days i worked.  bonus!

last thursday we met friends at bottletree to watch some local stand up comedians.  it was a lot of fun but not because the comedians were funny.  we all just made our own fun.

last friday we had lots of people over.  we had a lot of chips and beer left over from my birthday gathering the previous week so we decided we needed help getting rid of it.  it too was a lot of fun.  there were friends, burgers, kids, dogs, drinks, chips, candy, laughing, and games.  just good old-fashioned fun!

last sunday we went to church and then hung around the house for a bit.  then we went to the youth tailgate party and, like everything else i’ve mentioned, it was fun!  good food, good friends, good music, and a good lesson.


as far as my health goes…the last two times i’ve had my blood tested it’s been too thin.  so they have reduced my medicine even more and i go back on monday to test it again.  i feel great though!

that’s all for now!

i love you all!



  1. thepattons · August 17, 2010


  2. Rita · August 17, 2010

    Hey — what about the fun Saturday with your in-laws!!! You know, that cute Rita and Bill!!!! Strawberries, muffins, Mexican food, tour of B’ham in the New Ride, Tuesday Morning …..AND ….CURTAINS!!!!!!!!!!! Fun times!!!

  3. Debra · August 17, 2010

    Sheena, You totally forgot about Saturday and it sounds like the most fun day. The curtains look great.

  4. thepattons · August 18, 2010

    i KNEW i was forgetting something. i even asked casey what i was forgetting! that was a very fun day! my brain is just fried from fun overload!

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