so i used my ninja (featured in my last update) and it is awesome!  the consistency of my smoothie was SMOOTH! no big ice chunks at all!

speaking of smoothies…

yesterday i went to the JCC to get my exercise on.  i still can’t do much so i just walked for 45 minutes.  i played with the speed and incline button a lot and definitely got a good work out for the first 30 minutes.  then my chest started to hurt in the same area it hurt when all my PE (pulmonary embolism) stuff started.  i got worried so i just walked slowly for the 15 minutes and then called it quits.

i had a lab appointment at 7:30 so i just took my time getting ready at the JCC then headed up to the hospital.  my chest was still hurting when i took deep breaths or yawned so i decided since i was already at the hospital i might as well try to see my doctor.  i called my work and told them i’d be later than i expected.

i get to my doctor’s office at 7:45 and they don’t open ’til 8 so i just stand in the hallway.  i started crying because i was scared that everything i just went through with the PE was going to happen all over again.  once i get into the office i tell the nurse what’s going on and she says they’ll work me in to see my doctor.  i was crying pretty much the whole time.  a very nice lady in the waiting room told me to tell her if she could do anything and offered me some tissue. *

i finally got into a room and my nurse came in to talk to me.  she’s a very pretty black woman (who is about to turn 40 but looks my age).  i told her i was scared and she gave me a big hug.*  it was nice.

my doctor came in and said that it was slightly worrisome that i was hurting again.  so just to be safe he wanted me to get another cat scan.

i don’t know how many of you know this but when you get a cat scan you must have an IV so a dye can be injected into your veins that makes them show up.  this dye makes you hot all over and makes you feel like you are peeing in your pants.  it’s really weird.  the first time i had the dye i actually thought i peed my pants.  this time when i had the dye it stung so bad going in that i started crying (mostly because i was already emotional). after that i had to wait around until they told me to go back to my doctor’s office.

once back at my doctor’s office i waited and waited some more.

when i finally got to see him he had great and less great news:

the great news was that all my clots are gone!  dissolved!  no more!  woohoo!

the less great news was that i have “consolidation in my lingula.”  that just means i have gunk in my lungs and that’s why it was hurting.  he said i was probably getting pneumonia and prescribed me a Z-pack to kill whatever is brewing in my lungs.

i can live with consolidation in my lingula.  i was just so relieved to know that my clots are gone.

so after 5 hours at the hospital i go pick up some lunch and head back to work.  after work i went to publix to get my meds, went home, cooked dinner, took my meds, watched tv, etc.  when i was ready for bed i told casey good night and he said “your arm is breaking out.”  i looked down at my arm and it had hives all over it.  hives were on both arms and my torso.

i looked some stuff up online about Z-pack allergies and found something that said if you have hives seek emergency medical help.  great.  before freaking out too bad casey called our doctor friend, dan.  he said that the allergic reaction was actually probably from the cat scan dye.  he said that with stuff like that most people have an allergic reaction after their second exposure to whatever they are allergic to.  either way…i was so annoyed.

i took some benadryl and went to bed.  this morning most of the hives were gone but my throat seemed kinda numb and tight but that only lasted a few minutes.

i’m waiting to hear back from my doctor to see if he wants me to keep taking the Z-pack or switch to another antibiotic just to be safe.

i am so ready to be fully functioning again!

(i know that had nothing to do with smoothies…i just couldn’t think of a good segue)

in other news, ellie and bella just had their 4th birthdays!

* i love love love to see people showing compassion like this.  just like jesus.  thanks compassionate people in the world.  keep it up!



  1. thepattons · August 24, 2010

    aw. you didn’t tell me about those people. that’s awesome!

  2. Rita · August 24, 2010

    I am so glad some “mama-type” ladies were there to comfort you. I thank the Lord for these kind ladies as well. Hope you had a MUCH better day today!!

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