on sunday i went for a jog.  on my jog i saw a little old lady sitting on the ledge in her driveway.  she was putting on a gold necklace.  i thought she looked pretty.  so as i passed her i said, “you look pretty this morning!”  she said, “why thank you!  it’s my birthday today!  i’m 83!”  then i said, “happy birthday!!” 

the end.



  1. thepattons · September 7, 2010

    what a good story!

  2. amymezzell · September 7, 2010

    awww! i love it. guess what i saw yesterday? there is a yard on my road with cows all over it – the birthday bomb your yard kind – but the sign never said an age. when i drove from the other way, i saw that it said the lady in there was 100!!!!! i want to go meet her! that is awesome. i just want someone to go meet her with me.

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