full weeks ahead!

i have been a busy busy bee.  i don’t even know where to start.

since i’ve been such a slacker i’ll blog bullet style for easy reading.

fall is here and i LOVE it!
my weeks are booked and i love that too!
here’s what a typical week looks like for me this fall:

  • mondays: small group
    every monday (in theory) after work i meet with a group of girls.  over dinner, we talk about life, love, god, and sometimes the book we are reading together.  🙂 not only is this time enjoyable, it is necessary.  it is so wonderful and revitalizing to share, listen, laugh, cry, vent, etc. for hours (literally) with girlfriends.
  • tuesdays: nada
    lately JT has been coming over after work so he and casey can play music together.  since casey is occupied i usually do some sort of workout.
  • wednesday: fusion group & zumba
    i co-lead the 9th grade girls fusion group with kayte.  we are doing a study on esther right now that’s pretty good.  i love my group of girls.  after fusion i meet ashley for an hour of zumba!  i’m a zumba believer now…i love it.
  • thursday: tv night
    this is a fun night.  me, casey, amy, and brian get together to watch our favorite tv shows.  tv night usually lasts from 6:30 to as late as midnight.  during this time we eat pizza (usually), drink coffee, eat frozen yogurt, and laugh a lot.
  • fridays: nada
    i don’t have anything set in stone for fridays…i just like relaxing on friday nights usually.
  • saturdays: nada
    saturdays have lots of options.  pepper place farmers market, errands, dollar theater, hang out with friends, etc.  i just like to get out and do at least one thing on saturdays.
  • sundays: church & youth
    casey and i go to sunday school, contact, and then a lot of times we’ll go out to lunch with friends.  sunday nights are when the youth meet.  depending on the night it’s either ROOTS, SNL, destination unknown, or reach night.

wowza!  i love it.

what do y’alls weeks look like??


  1. thepattons · September 29, 2010

    kind of the same! weird!

  2. Debra · September 29, 2010

    I like your new format. Glad you are back on-line. 🙂

  3. Ashley · September 29, 2010


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