sunday funday

today sucked.
i’m not going to bore you with the details though.

this past weekend was a relaxing one.  casey was gone friday night and most of saturday so i just lounged around.

church on sunday was awesome.  we had some SIFAT students come speak during the sunday school hour.  they also spoke AND sang some awesome songs during the service.  it’s always so fascinating when they come.  this year there were 19 students from 10 different countries (haiti, congo, zambia, and the philippines are the ones i can remember) that spoke a combined total of 40 different languages.  their clothes were so pretty and they were all super friendly.  i got to meet a couple of them and i bought two necklaces that were made somewhere in africa.

when i get to experience other cultures like this it makes me wish i had changed my major to anthropology.  i seriously considered switching but eventually decided not to…i can’t remember why.

it also makes me wish lots of other things…but i’ll save that for another post.

sunday night i got to babysit jack.

it was fun.  we played, i fed jack green beans and string cheese, jack fed me green beans, we played some more, jack played in the bath, we played some more, then jack went to sleep.

i got home in just enough time to watch my shows: kardashians and spin crowd.  so funny.

ok that’s all for now.

One comment

  1. caseypatton · October 5, 2010

    you didn’t even mention the delicious Whole Foods lunch!

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