a bottle of water

two friday’s ago i was leaving work and went to the kitchen to grab a water. after i grabbed the water i decided i’d rather have a diet soda instead. for some reason i didn’t put the water back though. i remember standing at the fridge thinking, “i don’t want this water anymore but i’m going to take it anyway…i just feel like i need to take it.” so i left work with my diet soda and water and headed to hot topic at brookwood mall (i needed nose rings).

on my way to the mall i got stopped at a light.  i was really far back in the line of cars but could see a homeless man sitting up ahead.  i thought to myself, “sweet i have $2 that i can give him if i don’t make it through the light.”  luckily, i didn’t make it and ended up a few yards away from the man.  i was close enough to read his sign: “homeless hungry veteran.”  i rolled my window down and waved him over.

as soon as he got up and started limping toward me i remembered i had the unwanted water in my purse! i gave him the $2 and asked him if he wanted the water. when he saw the water he got real excited. he said, “i need that water more than anything else right now.  thank you so much.”

he limped back to his spot, turned around (so that he was facing me again), and sat down.  he opened the water, looked at me and raised the bottle (like he was toasting me), smiled, and took a big gulp.  he could not stop smiling.  it looked like he started crying a little bit.

as i drove off, i got a bit teary eyed as it became obvious why i felt like i needed to take the water even though i didn’t want it.  someone else wanted it.  someone else was desperate for it.

this might sound corny but i believe that my feeling like i needed to take the water was the “still small voice” of God.  i “hear” this voice a lot, often as a sudden feeling or thought.  the feeling and/or thought often comes out of no where, but it always comes with a certainty that makes it almost impossible to doubt or ignore, which is why i adhere to it.  it doesn’t matter if it seems silly or awesome or confusing.  i take it seriously.  why wouldn’t i?

Anyway, i just think it’s so amazing that God spoke to me through something as simple as a bottle of water in order to fulfill a need of one of his children.




  1. caseypatton · October 27, 2010

    that’s awesome!

  2. amymezzell · October 27, 2010

    awesome times a million!

  3. Rita · October 27, 2010

    What a great post!!! Keep listening to that still small voice, sweet Sheena!!!!!

  4. Debra · October 27, 2010

    this post was worth waiting for! i love your compassion and attention to “that still small voice”. well done!

  5. Bill · October 28, 2010


  6. Kelley · November 4, 2010

    I do that alot w/ the kids’ snacks– I always seem to have some small snack that is “extra:….you are right though, it’s not extra…it’s God’s voice telling me to pack some to share.

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