bad blogger

that’s me!

i feel like too much has happened lately to go back and blog about it.

i’ll just talk about this past weekend:

  • friday: i had a dentist appointment.  i wasn’t expecting the appointment to go well because lately i’ve been falling asleep at night before brushing my teeth (gross, i know).  apparently this method has worked well for me because my hygienist told me i barely had any plaque and my dentist told me i have beautiful teeth.  score!after my appointment me, casey, and the dogs drove up to rogersville to celebrate casey’s dad’s birthday.  we had a delicious dinner and had a good time visiting with the family.
  • saturday: the dogs woke me up at 5:30am.  i tried to lay still for about an hour but they wouldn’t shut up so i got up and let them, abby, and jon went for a nice, pretty, morning jog.  once everyone was showered we ate some breakfast and hung out in the back yard.  we played lazy baseball (no base running…just pitching and hitting), played with the dogs, etc.

    we ate a delicious bbq lunch then decided to venture to downtown rogersville to walk around for a bit.

    when we got back to the house we ate dinner and visited a bit more before casey and i had to head home.

it was a grrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend!  it was fun getting to visit with casey’s whole family!

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