• we left for texas around 7:30pm.  casey drove through the night…the whole way!  he’s so good.


  • we got to my house around 8:30am.  we unloaded the car, ate breakfast, and visited with my mom.
  • casey napped while me and my mom went to get our nails done.  we both got a pedicure and an american manicure.
  • we ate fajitas for dinner.  linda made her perfect margaritas.  she made me drink 3.


  • we walked the dogs to a dog grooming place to get their nails done (clipped). my mom said the walk would be around 2 miles  round trip.  the walk ended up being 3.5 miles and we even took a short cut on the way back home.  it was still fun.
  • i got to visit with an old friend, kathy.  casey got to visit with an old friend, tim.  we both had a good time catching up.


  • me and chelsea, along with 17,000 other people, ran the turkey trot.  it was a 5 miles course.  i was very pleased with how i did.  having a running buddy to talk with the whole way definitely made it easier.  thanks bcsff (best cousin, sister, friend forever)!
  • everyone met to eat around 1pm.  it was a feast!  we sat at the kids table, which had the age range of around 10 – 30.
  • we went on a walk to the park with aunts, cousins, moms, and dogs.  it was freezing…but still fun.
  • when we got back we played a game of apples to apples.  it was entertaining as always.
  • we just lounged around for the rest of the day.


  • me, chelsea, my mom, and linda left around 7:30am to get to urban outfitters at 8am.  UO has the best black friday sale.  all sale items are an extra 50% off until 10am.  i got some good deals:  2 floor pillows, 1 throw pillow, 1 blouse, 1 cardigan, 1 belt, and 2 purses all for $102 dollars!  and my mom got me a pair of black jeans that weren’t on sale…thanks mom!
  • after that we went to meet chelsea’s boyfriend, brandon, at his work.
  • then we went to mozart’s for coffee and breakfast.
  • then we went to let brandon’s new puppy, piper, out.  she’s so so cute!
  • that night me and casey went to dinner with chelsea and brandon.  we went to magnolia cafe.  we got some dip called mag mud.  it was awesome.  chelsea got a tuna melt the size of her face and i got a grilled chicken salad with some delicious spicy garlic dressing.


  • we went on a nature walk on this trail in the middle of no where.  it was so pretty.
  • we let ellie off her leash for the first time ever.  she did so good!  she would run off but never go far enough that she couldn’t see us.  she loved it!  she explored, swam, chased suki (my parents dog), and retrieved sticks from the river.
  • bella practically never looked up from sniffing the ground.  she loved it too.
  • for dinner that night my mom made her award-winning chili.  we ate and visited and then we headed back to birmingham.
  • we left around 9:30pm.  casey drove the whole way through the night again!


  • we got home around 10:30am, unpacked, and slept.

this thanksgiving visit was a little stressful at times, but it was mostly relaxing, enjoyable, and fun.  it was so great to hang out with everyone!  i love my family so much!


One comment

  1. caseypatton · November 30, 2010

    i won the prize for oldest kid.
    i also won apples to apples.

    i got some shirts and boxers and a record.

    it’s magma’d, not mag mud. hehe.
    i had enchiladas, not that you care.

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