last week!


  • after work i met my friends deise, carrie, and amy at sojourns (a local fair trade boutique).  they were hosting a fundraiser for urban ministries (a local community outreach organization).  i bought a ring, bracelet, and two cute clay pigs.  10% of the sales that night went to urban ministries.  i think they ended up raising $450 bucks.  not too shabby.


  • after work i met my fusion group at new york pizza.  there were only 4 of us but it was still fun.  i love my 9th grade girls!


  • thursday night was TV night of course.  it was fun like always.


  • after work we met our friends david and tina for dinner at cocina superior.  we had good conversations (the food was OK).
  • after dinner we all went to our friends scott and paige’s house.  it was scott’s 36th bday.  we had fun visiting and talking about funny stuff.  i tried some lemon flavored becherovka herbal liqueur from the czech republic.  it was pleasant.


  • we woke up early and headed to a neighborhood in ensley with our sunday school class.  we partnered with urban ministries to paint ms. peoples’ house.  she picked a pretty light teal color.  the back of her house was 3 stories high so we had to use tall ladders.  it was kinda scary at times because the ground was so uneven.  luckily we had enough hands to paint and hold ladders. 4 hours later, covered in paint, we finished.  it was totally worth it.
  • after coming home and showering, casey and i met up with abby and jon and drove to rogersville to eat dinner with casey’s parents.  it was his mom’s b-day dinner celebration.  it was fun.  we chatted at the house for a while then went out for mexican food…followed by cupcakes of course.  it’s always a good time with the patton family.


  • we went to SS and church as usual.  as usual, it was great.
  • we went to taj india to eat lunch at their buffet.  normally i do not do buffets but i knew for a fact that taj india rules.  it was so tasty.  i love indian food.
  • that night we went to the last roots of the year (youth thing).  after the lesson we played dirty santa.  i didn’t play but i still ended up with a lady gaga DVD that no one wanted.  score.

One comment

  1. amymezzel · December 8, 2010

    Can you take me to Taj India sometime? I have never had Indian food, but I want to try it; a buffet sounds like the perfect way!

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