weekend wrap-up

i’m sorry that all of my updates lately have been bulleted lists.  i have lots of stuff going on and bullets make updating easier.


  • went to a tacky sweater party at our friend’s, the jones, house.  it. was. fun.  my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.


  • we went to the alabama fair grounds to help out with the festival of three kings.  the festival of three kings is an event put on to basically trick kids…in an awesome way.  this event is put on for families that don’t have much.  parents bring their kids to what they think is a christmas festival.  the parents drop their kids off with a hosts/hostess (that’s what me and casey were).  the host/hostess takes the kids around to various craft tables and games.  while the kids are distracted and having fun, their parents sneak away to pick up the presents that were bought anonymously for their children.  this event is just really sweet.  it allows the parents to save face and provide a wonderful christmas for their children.  it was so fun to watch the children and to imagine their excitement on christmas morning when they see all their goodies.
  • after the festival we went home for a few hours and then headed to casey’s work christmas party.  it was a fun time…and the food was awesome as always.  we played dirty santa and left with the inception DVD.  nice!


  • i taught sunday school.  the lesson was about “frenemies.”
  • after church we came home and ate soup for lunch.
  • we went to the youth volunteer christmas fiesta.  it was nice visiting with people.
  • after that we went to “a night in bethlehem.”  it’s a yearly thing our church does.  the gym is set up like a bethlehem market place with food, crafts, and games.  there is a live nativity complete with live animals!  the sheep was cute!  i only got to walk around for about 5 minutes!  i spent the other 2 hours and 55 minutes helping in the costume department.  it wasn’t that fun but i like helping and my help was definitely needed.  sometimes you just have to suck it up and be a good sport.  it definitely made me appreciate the hard behind the scenes work that went on to put on this event.  **speaking of this event, as i am typing this i am watching footage from tonight on CBS!  cool!**

well, as you can read, i’ve had a busy weekend.  i am quite tired.  goodnight!


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