christmas wrap-up!

christmas was great!

christmas eve:

  • we loaded up the freestyle and headed north to rogersville.  we got there around 11am, unloaded the freestyle, and ate lunch.
  • after lunch the girls just hung around the house.  the boys went to do some stocking stuffer shopping.

i was cold!

i fell asleep like this.  haha!

lucky and ellie.  awww.

  • at 5pm we went to church for a silent lord’s supper.  when we got back to the house  it was dark.  casey took a picture of his parents house.  it’s pretty.

  • we prepared dinner and feasted!

  • after dinner we opened presents!  i got really great gifts!  i loved everything!  i think everyone else loved everything they got too!

christmas day:

  • white christmas!!  we woke up to this:

it snowed all day!

  • we ate breakfast, hung out, watched inception, and played in the snow.

casey’s parents ganged up on him!  rude!

the dogs loved the snow!  bella and ellie thought it would be hilarious to escape from their pen.  we had to chase them down the street.  i was so glad we caught them!  crazy dogs!

  • we headed back to birmingham that afternoon.  we made it home, unpacked, and watched black swan (crazy).

my only grievance about this christmas was not being able to go home to texas.  this was my first christmas in 25 years to not be with my family.  i got to go home for thanksgiving, which i think helped me to not get too sad.  it was still weird though. thank God for technology that allowed me to communicate with my family on christmas!

all in all it was a great christmas!

i am so thankful to have such wonderful loving people in my life…the best gift of all!

i love you all!



  1. Rita · December 29, 2010

    Nice wrap-up!! AND we love you!!

  2. caseypatton · December 30, 2010

    rude indeed!

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