fender bender and heart worms

this morning i was in a 1 driver/2 car fender bender…in my drive way.  OOPS!

i made the mistake of assuming casey parked in his usual parking space and reversed out of the driveway without paying much attention.  i reversed straight into the car.  at first i had no earthly idea what i had just hit.  then it dawned on me and i immediately started crying (i am a huge baby).

casey came out to take a look and move the car.  luckily, the damage was just a few scratches and dings…nothing major at all.  i’m still annoyed at myself though.

on a more interesting note, my vet has started providing heart worm injections that last for 6 months and cost less than the monthly pills.  bella and ellie both got theirs today.  score!


One comment

  1. Bill · January 18, 2011

    This is NO help at all, but it is a little gratifying to your father-in-law when somebody else significant makes his kind of mistake. Just hope you don’t do it as many times as I have!

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