wrap-up time!

this week was a good week.

monday:  i hung out with my mom all day (she drove up with my granddad, who was going to NC to pick up something that he bought.  he dropped her off in birmingham so she could hang with me)!  we ate delicious salads at urban cookhouse and did some shopping.  it was a great day!  i’m so glad she got to come for a short visit!  it was really good to see my granddad for a bit too!

tuesday:  met my friends deise, kelly, and ashley at nothin’ but noodles for some dinner.  it was nice catching up!

wednesday:  9th grade girls fusion group!!  i love my girls!

thursday:  TV night!  this week we all went to the mezzell household.  the tv shows were hilarious as usual.  i had frozen yogurt and it was glorious.  it had been a while since i’d had some.  yuuuummm!

friday: the mezzells came over to watch some movies.  we watched the green hornet.  it was OK.  after that we watched a movie called the room.  IT WAS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER.  it was SO INCREDIBLY awful, which made it SO INCREDIBLY awesome.  if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out.

saturday:  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!  casey and i took advantage of this day.  i got up and made breakfast: scrambled eggs with bell peppers, toast, and coffee.  then we took the motorcycle out for a joy ride.  it was lots of fun (don’t tell casey, but i think i love the motorcycle).  while we were out we stopped to pet some llamas.  one of them was a jerk and kept spitting.  the other ones were nice.  after the motorcycle ride we got in the car and drove to the lakeshore trail.  we walked/jogged for about 45 minutes.  it was nice and relaxing.  after that we met casey’s parents and sister for dinner.  we ate at camp taco in 5 points.  i LOVE camp taco!

that, my friends, was my week!

i love good weeks and i love all of you!


p.s. job search update:  i am waiting to hear about one opportunity.  it seems like it would be exactly what i’m looking for.  please just continue to pray that i find/get a job that i will love!



  1. caseypatton · January 30, 2011

    so THAT’S why you kept putting your hands up like you were on a roller coaster!

  2. Ashley · February 1, 2011

    what about your run/walk with ashley on sunday!?

  3. sheena · February 1, 2011

    i wrote this before! it will make it on the next wrap-up!!

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