it’s that time again!


  • friday night our friends josh and jessica (newly engaged) had people over for a bonfire.  it was lots of fun.  i ate a lot of roasted marshmallows!
  • we (me/casey, amy/brainz, katye/jt) left the bonfire and went back to our house to watch some tv.
  • casey was actually falling asleep first!  it’s a miracle!


  • casey was gone ALL day…from like 9am ’til after midnight!  he was busy doing church and volunteer stuff.
  • i just lounged around the house all day – watched lots of tv, played with the dogs, and cleaned the house.


  • i helped run the habitat house table before sunday school
  • i taught sunday school.  we are doing a study on marriage.  i taught the part about “solvable problems” and how to solve them.  i think i did pretty good.
  • i went to contact.  we are doing a sermon called “relationship status.”  appropriately, the topic was marriage.
  • after church, me/casey, amy/brainz, laura/matt, & elizabeth/paul went to eat lunch at mugshots.  i got a burger and fries: delicious!
  • after lunch, matt came over to hang while laura studied at their home (she ended up getting called into work though…boo).
  • casey and i finished off the night with a trip to publix to get some much needed groceries.

there you have it.  i had a nice, fun, relaxing weekend!

**update on job situation**
something is in the works.  please pray for guidance and clarity in regard to making a decision when/if that time comes.



  1. amymezzell · February 22, 2011

    fancy heart, sheeeena!

    you left out how hilarious your Sunday School lesson was and how hilarious lunch was with that group AND how hilarious things were friday night! all in all, we had a super laughy weekend. score!

  2. sheena · February 22, 2011


    yes, we did laugh at a lot of hilarious things this weekend, but i don’t think these things would translate as hilarious in writing.


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