WW-U (weekend wrap-up)


  • casey and i went to dinner at one of my favorite places: urban cookhouse.  their salads are uh-mazing!  we ate outside and had a wonderful view of the full (or nearly full) moon.  it was nice.
  • after we ate we headed to the dollar store for the usual stuff: gum, candy, and animal crackers (for the dogs).
  • after that we came home and watched a movie.


  • i woke up and headed to a much needed hair appointment.  on my way, i debated what i should tell my stylist to do.  i had come so far in growing my hair out, but the longer it got the more it was driving me crazy.  i also felt like the longer it got the less flattering it looked.  i think i’d look good with longer hair, but only if it was a lot longer than it actually was.  i just wasn’t sure that i had the patience to get it to a length that would be pretty.  so, about half way through my appointment i threw in the towel and told my stylist to just cut my hair off.  SO, i am rocking the pixie once more and i LOVE it.  i really do think that this haircut looks the best on me.
  • after getting my hair did i went to publix to get groceries.  i just love publix so much.  i feel bad for places that are without publix’s.  the guy that helped me to my car told me, “i just love your haircut!”  i told him i had just cut it and he gave me my first compliment!
  • for the rest of the day i cleaned up the house while casey played his guitar and took a nap.
  • after all that amy and brian came over to hang and watch a movie.  we watched a crazy documentary about hill people.  it was strange to say the least.


  • i went to sunday school and church.  both were good as usual.
  • after church we went to eat lunch with hank, kat, and baby rollins.  we went to a new taco place called pinches tacos.
  • i got a vegetarian burrito.  i wasn’t sure what to expect because the menu literally just said “vegetarian burrito.”  it didn’t say what was in it and i didn’t feel like asking.  IT WAS FANTASTIC.  it was straight up grilled veggies.  no beans, no rice, just veggies.  it was exactly what i was hoping it would be: onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, and cactus.  it also had a sauce that was so so good.  perfection.
  • after that casey went to play music with friends and i went home to clean our room.  i cleaned out/organized my closet.  it was very necessary and i’m glad it’s done.

it was a good weekend, but it went by way too fast, as usual.

i hope everyone else had a great weekend!

love you all!

p.s. i WILL do a post about my new job eventually.


One comment

  1. Debra · March 24, 2011

    We love you too!

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