this post is mostly for my own benefit.  feel free to ignore it, but your opinions are welcome.

LJCC = levite jewish community center
YMCA = young men’s christian association

first things first, i am not jewish, nor am i a young man.

ok here’s the deal: i’ve been a member of the gym at the LJCC since december of 2009.  i really like it there and the thought of leaving for another gym has never entered my mind.  until now.  one of the perks at my job is that my employer will pay half of gym membership to the YMCA.  the YMCA is more expensive than the LJCC, but since i’d only have to pay half, i’d actually save $30 a month.  my initial reaction to this news was, “heck yeah!  sign me up!”  i have to give a 30 day written notice of cancellation of membership at the LJCC.  i haven’t done that yet though.

the more i’ve thought about it the more i want to stay at the LJCC.  i just love it there.  i’m not sure that the convenience and awesomeness of the LJCC is worth giving up to save $30 bucks a month.

the LJCC is so closer to our house AND on my way to and from work, its daily hours are longer, it’s open on saturday AND sunday, each cardio machine has its OWN tv, the group fitness classes and childcare are included in membership, basketball, racket ball, and tennis courts, indoor & outdoor pool, indoor & outdoor track, personal training, boxing lessons, boot camps, and advanced swimming group, the locker rooms have a hot tub, steam room, and sauna, incredible massage, and a kosher cafe (with humus!).  plus when i go in the mornings it’s not crowded at all.  often times i am the only one in the locker room getting ready.  that’s awesome to me.  i never have to worry about getting a machine or getting a shower.  perfect.

i’m sure there are more awesome things about the LJCC that i’m not thinking of.

i just don’t think the YMCA can beat that.  i really don’t.  to me, what the LJCC has to offer is worth the $30 a month.

but to be fair, i am going to see if the YMCA offers a free trial membership so i can test it out and see for myself.

is anyone a YMCA member?  what do you love about it?  how are the crowds before and after work?




  1. Ashley · March 28, 2011

    It’d be hard to give up the convenience and the cardio tvs. And all the other fun things. If you like the gym, you’ll go, which is worth paying the extra money. Rather than save money and not go or not work as hard. That’s my 2 cents.

  2. Kat · March 28, 2011

    I was a member at YMCA a few years back and really liked it (had to cancel because I lost my job). The afternoons were a bit busy but you could easily get a cardio machine. The classes were GREAT. Especially the yoga and spin.

    I’m not Jewish or a man either. (very funny)

    Word up, yo.

  3. amymezzell · March 28, 2011

    My best advice is to (1) stick with what you love if you aren’t dying for $30 more a month and to (2) ask you work what they think about covering 1/2 of your membership at a different gym besides the YMCA. It might be written up in the plan to have a deal with the YMCA, but most places will listen to suggestions and make exceptions – especially if they’d be spending less money since the LJCC is much cheaper! It never hurts to ask. My friend’s husband works for a credit union that will pay MBA tuition for their employees, but her husband doesn’t need an MBA, so he presented to them the idea of them, instead, paying for him to go to LAW SCHOOL – which they accepted, and he’s in his 1st semester right now. If he wasn’t too scared to ask for that, then you can ask casually about them covering a different gym. Anything’s possible!

  4. sheena · March 29, 2011

    thanks girls! i’ll probably stick with the LJCC. amy, i sort of asked last week, but i wasn’t very specific. maybe i should try again.

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