• friday nights have become me and casey’s date night.  we went to urban cookhouse for the second week in a row.  we both really like it.  their salads are awesome.  casey branched out this time and got a veggie quesadilla.  i had a little bite and it was great!  if i ever branch out from my salad it will most likely be to that.  YUM.
  • after dinner we headed to the summit to walk around.  we walked around urban outfitters for a bit and i wanted everything.  i got an awesome cardigan to wear at work (because my office is always freezing) and two beautiful new nail polishes: one’s coral and the other’s lavender.  fab.
  • we then headed over to old navy.  they didn’t really have anything either of us liked.
  • next we went to doodles, one of my most favorite dessert places.  doodles has the most amazing sorbet you’ll ever eat.  casey had never been before so i was excited for his first experience.  he got peach sorbet and i mixed lemon and raspberry sorbet. YUM.


  • i woke up early and went to west end to work in the community garden that has been started by urban ministry.  i helped clear two newly purchased lots of sticks and rocks, i weeded the two big rose-bush areas, and i helped rip vines off of a fence.  it was a pretty relaxing time.  the weather was great and i enjoyed doing a little manual labor.  the garden is really really nice.  i loved it!  i got to take home a big bag of freshly harvested mint leaves.  everything is organically grown and the whole garden is organized and set up perfectly.  we are planning on growing all the typical veggies and herbs, but i was surprised to see a couple of fruit trees and even olive trees!  if anyone ever wants to go with me to work in the garden let me know.  i’ll probably be going back pretty regularly.
  • after almost 4 hours of working outside i was pretty beat.  i lounged around the house for the rest of the day.  it was nice.
  • i watched the semi-final basketball game (vcu vs. butler).  i’m so glad butler won!  basketball is WAY more fun to watch when you know someone that plays!  go #5!!


  • i went to church and it was good as usual.  i stayed after the service for the hospitality team meeting.  i’m excited to start serving in that area…i guess that means i’ll have to smile more…haha!
  • after church i headed to the JCC to run on the treadmill.  i managed to do 3 miles.
  • after that i went to publix to get some groceries.  it was a successful trip.
  • i came home and put up the groceries, did some laundry, and gave bella a bath.

it was another wonderful weekend!

i hope you all had good ones too!


One comment

  1. Debra · April 5, 2011

    Yay for dates with your hubby, shopping, coral nail polish, sorbert, community garden, manual labor, sweet mint leaves, great bb game, worship, serving heart w/smiles :-), running, successful grocery shopping, chores in a beautiful, cozy home. Lucky lady…Love you!

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