it’s that time again!


  • hung out with casey and relaxed at home.  it was wonderful.
  • we woke up and met our sunday school class at trinity’s habitat house at 7:30.  i spent most of the morning inside the house putting up doors, installing door knobs, and hanging blinds.  i helped outside for about an hour with landscaping.  it was a nice, rewarding, tiring morning.
  • we went to an event hosted by the mentor department at my work.  it was for all the mentor/mentee match-ups.  there were bounce houses, music, food, and lots of other  fun things.  casey and i threw the football for a while.  it was fun.
  • when we got home, casey took a nap and i went to the JCC to run.
  • after that we both got ready and headed downtown for a fundraiser benefiting Red Cross.  casey and our friend JT played a little show at urban standard.  they drew a pretty good crowd and did really well!  i always love watching casey play his music.  it makes me a proud wife.
  • after casey and JT played we walked around a bit then headed home.  we both went to bed pretty early.  we were beat!
  •  we went to sunday school and church like always and like always it was enjoyable.
  • after church we, along with several of our friends, went to JT and Katye’s wedding shower.  it was fun.  any event with friends and food (zoe’s sandwiches, slaw, fruit, hummus, and chocolate cake!) is always a good time.
  • after that casey went to church for youth and i flaked out and went home.  i cleaned up our bedroom and then relaxed the rest of the night.
there you have it!  another busy weekend!
OH!  i had a cappuccino at urban standard while casey and JT were playing.  when i saw it i instantly loved it:

drinking this was like drinking pure perfection.  all cappuccino consumed in the future will be held to the standard set by the beautiful specimen pictured above.
thanks for reading.  i love you all!

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