• casey’s parents came to visit for the weekend.
  • we went out for dinner at a delicious mexican place near our house.
  • we came back to the house and watched the other guys.


  • casey was off work due to good friday.  work was optional for me.  i decided to go in for a half day because there were some things i needed to work on (and i’d gain half a day of comp time, which is awesome).
  • after work me, ellen, and ashley went to urban cookhouse for lunch.  my salad was amazing as always.
  • after lunch i went to the JCC to work on my fitness.  while i was working out an old guy tripped and bonked his head on the floor.  his nose was bleeding all over the place.  luckily lots of people were around to help him.  he was fine.
  • i came home to find casey and his mom and dad hard at work.  rita had pulled up some weeds, trimmed our bushes, and vacuumed the house.  bill had weedeated (?) the whole backyard and casey had cut down some big bushes and ripped out our two dumb christmas trees by our front porch.  both casey and bill spent the majority of the day pressure washing the deck and front porch though.
  • once everything was pressure washed we all went to home depot to get some wood stain and flowers.
  • we relaxed the rest of the night


  • i woke up early, worked out, and went to the grocery store.
  • we all enjoyed blueberry bagels for breakfast.
  • then we all got busy: me and rita planted the salvia i bought (not the smoking kind).  we ran out of potting soil so we ran out to get some.  when we got back we planted my tomato plant and begonias.  casey and bill started staining the back deck.
  • after breaking for lunch i joined the boys and helped stain.  there is a lot of wood on our deck.  sheesh.  i probably stained for like 3 hours.  casey and bill stained for way longer than that.
  • rita and bill cleaned up and headed home and casey and i relaxed the rest of the night.


  • easter!
  • we went to church.  it was good.
  • after church me, casey, jt, and katye went over to chris and kelly’s for some hot dogs.  it was a good time!
  • after that we came home, stained the front porch, and did touch ups on the deck.
  • i can’t remember what else we did.
well there you have it.  it was a busy and exhausting weekend!  it was fun though!  plus our deck and porch look awesome!!  today i planted my corn plant.  it’s in a big blue pot and it looks pretty.

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  1. caseypatton · April 27, 2011


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