hey there!

i’m not even going to attempt to do my typical “wrap-up” post.

i’ve been super busy lately with things like: work, fusion, wedding, movies, friends, doctor’s appointments, working out, dogs, concert, etc. it’s been a fun few weeks!


here’s a really cool news story i came across the other day:

about a year ago Panera Bread opened a non-profit restaurant in St. Louis. basically the concept is that the customers set the price of their food. when they order their food they are given a “suggested” price. if they can’t pay the suggested price, they can pay a portion of the price or nothing at all. if price isn’t an issue, customers can pay more than the suggested price, which contributes to keeping the place up and running for those that benefit from it.

what an awesome idea and a wonderful experiment! i am proud of  Panera Bread and hope the success of their philanthropic efforts will inspire others to follow suit!

the article below tells how the restaurant is doing a year after it’s opening. check it out!

read me!!


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