hey there!

how’s it going?

last weekend was a pretty good one.  here’s what went down:


  • our good pals, amy & brian, came over to hang.  we finished season 1 of dexter.  it was a good time as usual!


  • casey and i went to the pepper place farmers’ market (oh how i love that place).  we loaded up on goods: eggplant, kale, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, bell peppers, blueberries, and pepper jelly.  after we were done shopping we both got a breakfast burrito (one of my favorite things…it reminds me of texas).  we sat down in the shade, ate, and listened to some live music provided by our bud, josh vasa.
  • we also went to the movies to see super 8.  we both liked it.  it was like an updated, darker version of ET.


  • we went to church, which was good.
  • after church casey went to band practice and i cleaned up around the house a bit.
  • for dinner we met our friends, matt & laura, for dinner at whole foods.  it was a nice, fun dinner with nice, fun friends!  i had one of the best salads ever… definitely a top 5 salad.  it had sliced almonds, strawberries, goat cheese, and chicken.  the dressing was a lemon vinaigrette.  perfection.


i ate one of the farmers’ market tomatoes at dinner tonight.  i sliced it, topped it with some shredded mozzarella cheese, sprinkled it with basil, and roasted it.  YUM.


well, that’s all for now.
love you!


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