sorry it’s been so long!
time sure does fly!

let’s see.  since my last post i’ve:

  • gone to the beach with co-workers – it was nice and relaxing!
  • hung out with friends – always a fun time!
  • gone to a wedding reception – good food and good wine!
  • participated in TV nights – of course!
  • hung out with my fusion girls – love them!
  • had dinner with the in-laws – so nice to see them…thanks for dinner!!
  • turned 26 – one more year left in my mid-20’s…i better live it up!
  • exercised – work it!
  • frequented the farmer’s market – love it!
  • had a girls night – good food and good conversation!
i hope you all have been having lots of good times lately!

One comment

  1. Rita · August 11, 2011

    I enjoyed the recap of life in Sheena’s world!!!

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