i don’t think i’ve officially said that i’m training for a marathon, but i am.  i am training for a marathon!

i took up running as a serious hobby shortly after casey and i got married.  i started simple: running one mile a day, 7 days a week. i did this for probably 3 months and went from running a 12 minute mile to running a 7 minute mile (6:45 was my fastest). since then, i’ve run 2-4 miles a couple times a week.  the longest i ever ran was 6 miles, but i only did that 2 times.  i was mostly consistent with my running (2009-2010 was a rough time, in which i went on a health hiatus and gained 20 pounds of fat, but that’s another story).

the thought of running a marathon has crossed my mind before, but never as something i’d actually attempt.    

one day in june my friend, kat jones, called me.  she asked me if i’d be interested in training for the Mercedes (a local marathon).  this would be her second marathon and, obviously, my first. i could tell she wasn’t going to take no for an answer and honestly, i didn’t have a reason to say no.  so i didn’t. i said “sure, i’m in until i’m not.” meaning, that if i happened get sick, injured, or if it stopped being fun, i’d quit.

it’s october now and i’m not sick, i’m not injured, and it’s still fun (most of the time)!  kat has been a great running partner.  she’s very intense and passionate about running, much more than i am, but it’s been nice, as i need someone to push me and keep me in check with reality.  i have been very disciplined with our training, but mostly because it bothers me if i don’t do exactly what our training schedule says.  i think kat and i are ideal running partners.  my strengths are her weaknesses and vice versa. we try to run at least once together during the week and we always do our long saturday run together (we’ve only had to do one apart).

each long run is a pretty big deal for me.  almost every long run is the longest i’ve ever run in my life!  i remember running 8 miles and thinking, “wow! i did it!” and then i ran 9 miles.  and then i ran 10 miles and thought, “oh my gosh! double digits!!” and then i ran 11 and then 12.  

not every long run has been awesome.  the 10 and 11 milers were great, but the 12 miler was horrible.  i almost started crying on that run, BUT i finished it…and that’s what matters.  

two saturdays ago i ran a major milestone run – A HALF MARATHON!! 13.1 miles! the last 3 miles were a bit painful, but we pushed through, encouraged each other, and we finished strong. it felt wonderful to accomplish that distance.  i’m still kind of in shock i think. before all this training i never thought i’d be able to run long distances.

last weekend we ran 10 miles again. when people asked me how far i had to run that weekend, i surprised myself every time i answered, “oh just 10 miles.”  JUST ten miles?! that’s right, i now consider a 10 mile run as a break and that is just insane to me.  insane and awesome!

this weekend, we are running 14 miles.  as always with a new distance, i am extremely nervous and slightly excited!


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