my first 10K!

this past saturday i ran vulcan, a local 10K (6.2 miles).

i’ve been having some problems with my ankle for about 3 weeks now. it’s been very inconsistent with when it hurts and how bad, so i really had no idea what it would feel like on race day and what it would feel like when the race actually started.

on race day morning, i woke up at 5:30 BECAUSE my ankle was hurting. i immediately felt discouraged and frustrated. i couldn’t go back to sleep, so i got up and iced it.  i slowly started getting ready to leave, hoping it would stop hurting. that never happened.  i went to pick up kat and her brother, matt, and even just switching from the gas pedal to the break hurt.

totally bummed.

once we parked, kat and i walked to check in so we could exchange our shirts for the next size up – we got really nice tech shirts, but the mediums were like children’s smalls!!

when it was time to line up, my ankle still hurt. at this point, i was pretty certain that this race was not going to go like i had hoped. i told myself that i’d give it an honest try, but i really believed that i’d end up having to slowly jog what i could and walk the rest – injury or not, this would have left me feeling like a complete failure (don’t worry…i know i’m a nut job).

so the race started and my ankle still hurt.  i looked at kat and gave her a thumbs down.  i was done.

but then, just like that, the pain was gone and THE RACE WAS ON!!

the first 3 miles went by fast and i felt awesome! i was just so happy to be able to run!  at the halfway point i started to worry that, perhaps in my excitement, i had started out too fast.  i told myself what i always tell myself, “you haven’t passed out or thrown up, so you can keep going.” i also kept telling myself, “NO REGRETS!!” and as corny as that might seem, it worked.  i started the race thinking i wouldn’t be able to run at all, so i sure as heck didn’t want to finish the race without taking full advantage of my being able to run.

so, i kept going and ran even harder – i actually ran the second half of the race faster than the first (i love negative splitting).

mile 4 went by before i knew it.

i never saw the marker for mile 5.

mile 6 was obviously the hardest, but i pushed through it and very happily crossed the finish line! kat finished almost right after me – you can read her account of vulcan here

sorry this is so long…i’m providing most of the details for my own sake of remembering…i’m almost done.

my goal, if i was able to run, was to finish in under an hour. i would have been happy with 59:59.  if it weren’t for my awesome watch to prove it, i almost wouldn’t believe my time!

i finished in 53:16!

not to toot my own horn, but that’s not too shabby!



the post race food was terrible: hot dogs, pasta salad, ice cream, and beer.  not a single banana in sight – i’ve never done a race that didn’t at least have bananas!

i went home and ate some greek yogurt.

the end.

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