according to our training schedule – now twice revised – kat and i were to run 13 miles this morning.  i knew kat was ready and would be able to do it since her injury has been subsiding.  i honestly had no idea if i’d be able to do it.  after my painful and short run on tuesday, i took wednesday, thursday, and friday off – my longest break from running since starting this training in june.  i told kat i’d give it a try, but i couldn’t make any promises.

when we started, we decided to do a short loop around the neighborhood to “test the waters.” when we got back to kat’s house, we went in to pee and reassess how we felt. kat wasn’t feeling emotionally into it, but wanted to keep going. my ankle was hurting a little so i took an ibuprofen and decided i could do it – or at least i hoped i could.

we went at a steady pace and managed to do it!

another half marathon under my belt!


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