thanksgiving holiday!

thanksgiving holiday was wonderful! we spent the holiday in north carolina with casey’s family.  his aunt ellen and uncle jon live there so the rest of us – me, casey, bill (dad), rita (mom), abby (sister), jon (bro-in-law), & margaret (cousin) – drove up there to stay with them.

here’s what went down:


  • the “kids” (me, casey, abby, & jon) drove up to NC. the drive was fine with the exception of atlanta traffic – of course.
  • when we got to the house we said our “hellos” and then we presented rita with a beautiful birthday cake and sang happy birthday! she was surprised – her birthday is actually tomorrow, but we wanted to celebrate when we were all together!


  • thanksgiving!
  • we all went to The Grove Park Inn to see the National Gingerbread House Competition & Display. it was a beautiful resort and all the gingerbread houses were pretty impressive.
  • when we got back to the house we finished cooking the food and ate a most delicious thanksgiving meal: turkey, dressing, bacon wrapped green bean bundles, corn pudding, sweet potato casserole, & rolls.  everything was SO good!
  • after our dinner settled we had dessert: pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, cherry jello pie, birthday cake, & cheesecake. i didn’t eat birthday cake the day before and it looked so good that i couldn’t resist choosing that for my dessert – it was the right choice.
  • we spent the rest of the evening hanging out and chatting.


  • this was a LONG, but GOOD day! we went to Biltmore. it was incredible. to think that just one family lived in that house just is almost unbelievable. it was massive and beautiful. it took an 1.5 hours to walk through the house and we didn’t even see it all – a lot of it was closed to the public.
  • after walking through the house, we went down to the gardens and greenhouse – also amazing.
  • then we drove down to the creamery and winery. jon, casey, and i were the only ones that wanted to do the wine tasting, so the others went home and we stayed and did that. it was fun and definitely worth the wait.
  • when we got back to the house we reheated thanksgiving food and had round 2! i think it tasted even better!
  • after dinner (and dessert) we watched A Christmas Carol – the newer, animated one. 


  • for breakfast, uncle jon made us hand picked blueberry & walnut pancakes with real maple syrup! they were delicious!
  • we parted ways and headed home. we went a different, more scenic route home. i enjoyed it.
  • we stopped in chattanooga just so we could eat at The River Street Deli. the last time we were in chattanooga, we ate there and the sandwich i got was phenomenal. this time i almost got the same sandwich, but for some reason i decided to try something else. it was the best decision ever. i got a roasted portabello sandwich and OH. MY. STARS. it was the best sandwich i’ve ever ever ever had!! if you are EVER in chattanooga, do not miss out on eating at The River Street Deli – if you go, yes, it is a hole in the wall, but please don’t judge on looks…you’ll be sorry if you do.


  • today was back to normal.
  • church – good as always!
  • movie with jordyn – fun as always!
  • evening with casey – enjoyable as always!

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