17 going on 19

i’m not talking about age here.  
i’m talking about miles.

this past saturday me and kat ran 17 miles!
i was extremely nervous about it because i missed an entire week of running (including a 15 mile run) the week before.

long story short, the run went well. my ankle/foot held up for the most part – it hurt a little here and there, but nothing too terrible. the worst thing about the run was my phone dying with 6 or 7 miles left – i listen to my running station on the pandora app on my phone. without music, everything hurts more and the time/miles go by s-l-oooo-w.  i won’t let that happen again!  

when all was said and done, i was just really happy i was able to maintain a steady pace and finish the distance!

when i got home i made a chocolate banana protein shake and drank while i took an ice bath!  the bath was crazy, crazy cold and my shake was crazy, crazy good.  

chocolate banana protein shake
1 cup chocolate milk
1 banana
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
blend, pour, drink. yum! 

this weekend we do 19 miles.  
i think i’m ready!

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